Slow Download In Torrent

Why is the Torrent download process slow? There are several factors why downloading via torrent is so slow. Check your internet bandwidth. Of course, if your internet bandwidth is small, then the download process will be slow. Many seeds will speed up the download process, but the factor of a large number of leechers will also affect the download speed. Maybe we have chosen a file that has been successfully downloaded a lot, but if there are lots of Leechers, then the download speed will be divided among each leecher.

If the firewall on your computer is active, it will limit the number of peers that can be connected to your computer. Set the port of your torrent downloader program, and you will get a smooth connection. Remember, BitTorrent is a sharing protocol. If you are not willing to share (upload), then other users will not want to share it with you. Some clients will even tell you that the download ratio that you do is balanced with what you upload.

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